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Adjectives are Easy : Try writing complete sentences using these adjectives in the predicative position.
Adjectives are Easy

Q. Try to use each adjective below in a sentence, in the predicative position (e.g. the lion was/looked/grew fierce). See if you can use some of the suggested copula verbs below.

Macmillan Dictionary

Free. Momentous. Negative. Comfortable. Thin. Restrained. Enormous. Genial. Apologetic. Instant. Aerial. Absorbent. Pacific. Little. Diplomatic. Milky. Truthful. Edible. White. Worthy. Mad. Effective. Soothing. Provincial. Savage. Prostrate. Loving. Shifty. Inward. Invasive. Substantial. Orange. Top. Savoury. Committed. Salutary. Latter. Alight. Gracious. Malignant. Poorly. Careful. Sleepy. Cold. Easy. Emphatic. Arable. Immediate. Awful. Medicinal. Treasonable. Forgetful. Secret. Ravenous. Serial. Professional. Energetic. Vigilant. Incarnate. Searching. Lawful. Unruly. Foolish. Unfair. Selfless. Excellent. Selfish. Invalid. Palpable. Capable. Imposing. Insolent. Imitative. Incidental. Surgical. Torrential. Sudden. Poetic. Shallow. Sufficient. Literal. Obstinate. Insane. Graphic. Heavy. Scruffy. Geological. Principle. Passing. Courteous. Privileged. Squeaky. Medical. Dependent. Definitive. Resolute. Special. Disastrous. Entertaining. Thorough. Rational. Simple. Considerate. Rival. Safe. Palatial. Helpless. Corrupt. Footsore. Soft. Barbarian. Monumental. Strategic. Tense. Frivolous. Previous. Scientific. Fresh. Incorrect. Neutral. Vacant. Polite. Perilous. Wrong. Weird. Suburban. Upset. Triumphant. Conclusive. Fashionable. Lookout. Troublesome. Brown. Knotty. Joint. Stringent. Negotiate. Calculating. Numerous. Penal. Rickety. Unwelcome. Vast. Influential. Deep. Indicative. Celestial. Exuberant. Fervent. Tenacious. Gradual. Turbid. Emergent. Mysterious. Scary. Bountiful. Occupied. Fateful. Maritime. Jocund. Select. True. Expansive. Orthodox. Putrid. Barren. Benign. Cylindrical. Apart. Same. Grand. Accurate. Pretend. Measured. Lawless. Chemical. Hectic. Arrogant. Fun. Able. Noble. Low. Visible. Democratic. Pampered. Recurrent. Objective. Multiple. Equable. Liberal. Bored. Key. Exact. Mutinous. Radical. Tetchy. Dramatic. Proven. Compound. Praiseworthy. Secretarial. Demanding. Adequate. Impatient. Charitable. Sensitive. Reckless. High. Tasteful. Competitive. Tireless. Stealthy. Worst. Latest. Impertinent. Affordable. Boundless. Postal. Wide. Fruitful. Persuasive. Weekly. Dubious. Current. Slender. Efficacious. Absent. Rascally. Fascinating. Fierce. Shocking. Bloody. Almighty. Signal. Clumsy. Affected. Backward. Secure. Insistent. Tall. Grateful. Remedial. Indignant. Adamant. Evasive. Real. Disgraced. Seasonable. Neat. Excusable. Exploitaive. Ungainly. Imperial. Ambitious. Desolate. Healthy. Exceptional. United. Mistaken. Pagan. Used. Summary. Cheap. Figurative. Adventurous. Permissible. Annual. Proper. Enchanting. Corporate. Specific. Obscene. Impartial. Honorary. Rude. Swollen. Idyllic. Famous. Genuine. Hideous. Clinical. Seldom. Lovesick. Amusing. Female. Dishonorable. Informal. Pressurised. Cereal. Regular. Solid. Lifelong. Spherical. Spartan. Contemptuous. Ethnic. Regimental. Foreign. Ideal. Beautiful. Ornamental. Human. Honorable. Slight. Envious. Unknown. Mercenary. Unbidden. Difficult. Quizzical. Spacious. Shoddy. Deserted. Mountainous. Fanciful. Natural. Drastic. Hysterical. Psychological. Abundant. Reserved. Internal. Confidential. Environmental. Finite. Provocative. Improvident. Historical. Elementary. Maiden. Eligible. Mournful. Covert. Rigorous. Fishy. Spiritual. Next. Amateur. Cool. Private. Infamous. Spiteful. External. Courageous. Runaway. Infinite. Present. Realistic. Damaging. Stupid. Sacrilegious. Inventive. Decent. Judgemental. Viable. Poor. Communal. Painful. Neglectful. Resigned. Hidden. Satisfactory. Deceptive. Crafty. Cavernous. Sorry. Related. Manifold. Designing. Prepared. Reluctant. Chance. Relaxing. Least. Arbitrary. Bubbly. Fluent. Awkward. Unusual. Secular. Masterly. Ironic. Unlike. Thrifty. Triumphal. Unaware. Ravening. Theoretical. Flammable. Dashing. Legendary. Political. Official. Dental. Charming. Residual. Imperious. Protective. Striking. Ceramic. Public. Symptomatic. Fit. Singular. Civil. Dreadful. Tragic. Shivery. Fragile. Enduring. Scandalous. Peculiar. Rotten. Strict. Ruthless. Indulgent. Frugal. Conscious. Latent. Important. Unworthy. Brazen. Choice. Dreamy. Smooth. Lucrative. Wobbly. Hotter. Upsetting. Intriguing. Quarterly. Older. Amiable. Canine. Insulting. Broad. Potent. Brittle. Contrived. Territorial. Urgent. Fast. Infuriating. Fortified. Middle. Stronger. Childless. Visionary. Treacherous. Artistic. Coastal. Enviable. Precise. Extensive. Mutual. Evident. Dangerous. Connected. Unclean. Rotund. Recognisable. Gallant. Humane. Facile. Mechanistic. Soldierly. Trifling. Climatic. Lumpy. Recommended. Derivative. Plastic. Convert. Watchful. Placid. Partial. Frantic. Utmost. Rhythmic. Trivial. Unkind. Sad. Advantageous. Defeatist. Careless. Unseen. Wooden. Receptive. Scholarly. Separate. Fantastic. Poorest. Serene. Representative. Relevant. Hot. Listless. Secretive. Monstrous. Minor. Princely. Attentive. Sorrowful. Gleeful. Mere. Uttermost. Sacrificial. Festive. Distant. Acclaimed. Distrustful. Supreme. Artful. Interesting. Flat. Upright. Turgid. Tight. Blonde. Outright. Impervious. Blithe. Impossible. Lesser. Old. Futile. Advisory. Still. Colonial. Debatable. Woollen. Foremost. Common. Shaken. Senior. Useless. Choral. Retiring. Introductory. Established. Fair. Hardy. Wonderful. Outlying. Contemptible. Unlucky. Outdoor. Diligent. Vehicular. Wanton. Menacing. Pathetic. Disloyal. Majestic. Profitable. Estranged. Pointless. Cowardly. Plentiful. Intellectual. Purposeful. Woolly. Odious. Disorderly. Commercial. Niggling. Vulgar. Sublime. Electrical. Sovereign. Skilful. Fallible. Obvious. Spoilt. Romantic. Extra. Illusory. Glorious. Determined. General. Coercive. Entranced. Tribal. Illegal. Cross. Warm. Incensed. Prospective. Chubby. Climactic. Bare. Hapless. Playful. Odd. Average. New. Routine. Hostile. Miserable. Flighty. Eager. Aflame. Elaborate. Inquisitive. Queenly. Civilian. Haphazard. Problematic. Declamatory. Liable. Malign. Decorative. Carnal. Defective. Calamitous. Madcap. Lame. Terrific. Minute. Worldwide. Formal. Wrinkly. Conceptual. Economical. Dignified. Generous. Dark. Drunken. Dutiful. Lifeless. Miniature. Laborious. Twitchy. Complete. Imperfect. Perfect. Miraculous. Convict. Greater. Innocent. Diverse. Typical. Celebratory. Revealing. Social. Presidential. Fickle. Ardent. Notorious. Physical. Cultural. Injurious. Pregnant. Dear. Baffling. Spoken. Classic. Bacterial. Correct. Rare. Primitive. Gentle. Instructive. Upper. Ritual. Professorial. Prejudiced. Tolerant. Fruitless. Wriggly. Lacking. Large. Audible. Sinister. Dead. Desperate. Operational. Expectant. Exotic. Universal. Devout. Vain. Infirm. Indoor. Best. Abrupt. Driven. Dry. Innate. Doubtful. Stripe. Greatest. Uncommon. Preachy. Discordant. Native. Colourful. Erect. Matchless. Devoted. Pensive. Descriptive. Prejudicial. Literate. Fat. Fortunate. Shirty. Cunning. Bottom. Uneasy. Powerful. Green. Reasonable. Analytic. Asleep. Oldest. Matrimonial. Absurd. Bankrupt. Nervous. Tiny. Titanic. Penitent. Erratic. Radiant. Prestigious. Right. Stale. Tyrannical. Eternal. Useful. Dense. Lovable. Scalding. Ground. Masculine. Secondary. Restricted. Weighty. Continual. Scratchy. Orchestral. Quiet. Magnificent. Academic. Argumentative. Oblivious. Stern. Great. Likeable. Fragmentary. Notable. Confident. Tropical. Significant. Sprawling. Continent. Adroit. Cheerful. Resourceful. Sparkling. Developed. Extinct. Past. Enough. Valiant. Magnetic. Rapacious. Manifest. Cogent. Expert. Restive. Accidental. Sensible. Funereal. Particular. Condemnatory. Emotive. Unlikely. Victorious. Fancy. Ready. Feather. Lucky. Bewitched. Inspirational. Long. Certain. Burdensome. Hearty. Shameful. Taller. Merciful. Rash. Domestic. Convenient. Pre-eminent. Periodic. Patient. Effectual. Shadowy. Known. Legion. Vintage. Creative. Bygone. Harrowing. Systematic. Religious. Active. Even. Delicious. Astonished. Glacial. Regional. Jealous. Necessary. Stifling. Toxic. Royal. Productive. Prayerful. Repulsive. Explosive. Small. Steadfast. Funny. Spare. Educational. Sporadic. Ultimate. Pioneering. Firm. Ticklish. Chief. Patent. Concerted. Unique. Explanatory. Equivalent. Lamentable. Modest. Abject. Remarkable. Written. Noticeable. Ceremonial. Legal. Steep. Bitter. Marine. Dainty. Captive. Solitary. Joyful. Devastated. Compliant. Maroon. Enticing. Cheery. Ancestral. Habitable. Pragmatic. Relative. Exemplary. Electronic. Grassy. Pastoral. Ingenious. Harmful. Responsive. Humble. Worse. Gigantic. Main. Adverse. Chaste. Annoyed. Afloat. Unable. Rancorous. Heavenly. Efficient. Indirect. Possessive. Reproachful. Left. Alive. Lower. Resistant. Morbid. Guiltless. Obscure. Fitting. Heartfelt. Inanimate. Giggly. Wild. Precious. Overdue. Sore. Rightful. Infant. Junior. Oppressive. Wealthy. Open. Divine. Balanced. Upstart. Defiant. Brotherly. Injured. Fine. Lost. Light. Menial. Authoritative. Usual. Theatrical. Gentlemanly. Tactical. Molten. Terrorist. Measly. Illicit. Unclear. Steady. Prescribed. Dilute. Sticky. Succinct. Drunk. Ugly. Level. Winning. Pristine. Haughty. Animal. Missing. Fictional. Intelligent. Reverent. Material. Geographic. Purple. Outside. Supple. Pure. Cute. Corrosive. Close. Practical. Constant. Loveless. Possible. Fulsome. Capricious. Quarrelsome. Plucky. Nearby. Early. Boring. Orderly. Automatic. Suspicious. Obsessed. Literary. Blazing. Potential. Immortal. Habitual. Chaotic. Smart. Peppery. Mighty. Delightful. Ill. Proud. Cordial. Horrible. Popular. Politic. Craven. Icebound. Impulsive. Peninsular. Endless. Classical. Melodic. Administrative. Thick. Decisive. Neighbourly. Dismal. Convey. Apprehensive. Informative. Revolting. Fearsome. Awake. Content. Progressive. Crazy. Stubborn. Portable. Farther. Anxious. Admirable. Repetitious. Near. Sodden. Diseased. Total. Remote. Contentious. Financial. Required. Elusive. Graven. Golden. Athletic. Convulsive. Ancient. Mobile. Refined. Republican. Gloomy. Historic. Muscular. Longer. Positional. Bloodshot. Primary. Prodigal. Appropriate. Complicit. Straight. Prior. Idiotic. Amorous. Tearful. Clear. Provident. Busy. Plain. Mercurial. Obtuse. Humorous. Dextrous. Direct. Friendly. Combative. Homeless. Spiky. Repressive. Adhesive. Preventable. Lofty. Raw. Logical. Disabled. Aghast. Antique. Countless. Wrathful. Oriental. Happy. Allied. Nearer. False. Partisan. Brilliant. Colossal. Prominent. Consistent. Rotary. Full. Short. Big. Recent. Stiff. Weak. Serious. Highest. Sour. Gossipy. Consensual. Favourite. Stable. Provisional. Largest. Authentic. Divisible. Prosperous. Intent. Tactful. Anointed. Breezy. Barbarous. Sincere. Cuddly. Solemn. Overwhelming. Murderous. Visual. Industrial. Currant. Equal. Obtrusive. Glassy. Technical. Budding. Sound. Tantalising. Unpopular. Subdued. Tiresome. Final. Loyal. Electric. Faithful. Horrid. Exclusive. Jubilant. Terrible. Hasty. Heroic. Symbolic. Ordinary. Fabulous. Traditional. Rustic. Pompous. Deceitful. Horrific. Elect. Mental. Luxurious. Chilly. Lusty. Instinctive. Parallel. Mellow. Initial. Customary. Poisonous. Global. Male. Affectionate. Circular. Prodigious. Mean. Red. Original. Brainy. Rough. Leading. Cautious. Several. Fitful. Ghastly. Squalid. Outrageous. Idle. Glad. Opinionated. Compulsive. Unhappy. Basic. Temporary. Sure. Actual. Intact. Overt. Broken. Guarded. Pleasant. Elderly. Vocational. Deserving. Leathery. Blessed. Vengeful. Voluntary. Vertical. Rebellious. Different. Crumbly. Labyrinthine. Pretty. Inevitable. Probable. Attractive. Unripe. Exciting. Unanimous. Ministerial. Principal. Astute. Avoidable. Lavish. Sheltered. Utter. Threadbare. Slow. Nice. Talented. Institutional. Live. Loose. Larger. Rapid. Qualified. Stricken. Formulaic. Rapturous. Violent. Existent. Late. Mineral. Permanent. Superior. Icy. Intrusive. Detailed. Ghostly. Faithless. Vigorous. Delicate. Refreshing. Concerned. Identical. Civilised. Bright. Extreme. Erudite. Bravery. Apparent. Unquenchable. Monthly. Nearly. Robust. Hateful. Salty. Thirsty. Astronomical. Dominant. Venerable. Ignorant. Assured. Conditional. Cursory. Dynamic. Available. Criminal. Just. Costly. Furious. Successful. Monarchical. Overcast. Aversion. Clean. Passionate. Abstinent. Endearing. Favourable. Faint. Due. Seaworthy. Daring. Occupational. Lithe. Tough. Supportive. Novel. Immoral. Deadly. Flourishing. Uniform. Offensive. Brutal. Accessible. Misleading. Prompt. Overseas. Central. Herbal. Major. Flattering. Whole. Shaky. Autumnal. Powerless. Forbidding. Loathsome. Veteran. Flowery. Strange. Industrious. Exempt. Pitiless. Sprightly. Reflective. Square. Grievous. Errant. Damp. Heathen. Earthy. Unkempt. Assertive. Desirable. Declaratory. Intimate. Far. Candid. Sweet. Rubbish. Metallic. Essential. Optional. Vital. Good. Ponderous. Abstract. Honest. Hopeless. Arcane. Expensive. Higher. Happier. Resentful. Limp. Intentional. Mortal. Softer. Angry. Scared. Game. Anonymous. Attendant. Hungry. Reputed. Capital. Quick. Greasy. Guilty. Forceful. Triangular. Black. Rich. Sharp. Lasting. Subtle. Emotional. Silly. Chivalrous. Acceptable. Liquid. Haunting. Responsible. Saintly. Cultured. Terminal. Individual. Wise. Kindly. Strong. Resident. Severe. Comprehensive. Single. Unjust. Gross. Musical. Harmless. Unlawful. Surplus. Impressive. Destructive. Inert. Similar. Military. Wholesome. Thorny. Eminent. Feasible. Nimbly. Childish. Various. Dirty. Discreditable. Frenetic. Helpful. Audacious. Inland. Scarce. Methodical. Regnant. Silent. Economic. Peckish. Welcome. Unsteady. Convincing. Entire. Valuable. Additional. Reticent. Lenient. Malicious. Seasonal. Casual. Familiar. Tranquil. Clever. Untidy. Objectionable. Handsome. Scornful. Engaging. Rancid. Trying. Scarlet. Likely. Hard. Opposite. Sumptuous. Ferocious. Calm. Nasty. Beaten. Last. Unwilling. Distinct. Conspiratorial. Huge. Frustrated. Grave. Surprise. Hopeful. Draughty. Moderate. Tender. Conversational. Massive. Perplexing. Empty. Frank. Moving. Overall. Wasteful. Dictatorial. Uncertain. Creamy. Venomous. Better. Magical. Express. Elated. Wretched. Ornate. Rhythmical. Frightful. Isolated. Servile. Prophetic. Inlaid. Suitable. Compulsory. Feline. Inclusive. Bloodless. Alone. Yellow. Sociable. Wintry. Blameworthy. Mischievous. Tasty. Graceful. Studious. Disagreable. Normal. Peaceful. Variable. Emergency. Restless. Addictive. Occasional. Imaginary. Curious. Confrontational. Tinier. Young. Afraid. Sympathetic. Molecular. Conceited. Independent. Baptismal. Exploratory. Defensive. Dazzling. Round. Critical. Enjoyable. Eloquent. Pervasive. Persistent. Preferable. Reactionary. Dismissive. Northerly. Frequent. Virtual. Moral. Observant. Forsaken. Scrupulous. Interior. Willing. Meek. Coarse. Watery. Admissible. Spiral. Infectious. Local. Sick. Ecstatic. Splendid. Kind. Aggressive. Telescopic. Lovely. Knobbly. Narrow. Mature. Threatening. Impetuous. Brave. Harmonious. Frozen. Alcoholic. Quaint. Lonely. Rhetorical. Complicated. Spectacular. Eastern. Frosty. Insightful. Maximum. Elegant. Memorable. Invisible. Amicable. Derelict. Personal. Former. Distinctive. Untimely. Upstairs. Longest. Faulty. Viscous. Modern. Constructive. International. Loud. Brief. Aware. Portly. Smallest. Eccentric. National.

copula verbs: Appear.Be.Become.Get.Feel.Keep.Look.Prove.Remain.Seem.Smell.Sound.Stay.Taste.Turn.

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