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The Bald Lover : A man’s mid-life crisis leaves him a little ... exposed.
The Bald Lover

Based on ‘The Bald Man and his Two Mistresses’ by Aesop, as given by Babrius.

A MAN had reached a time of life when he was no longer young, nor was he exactly old, but somewhere in between, with silver among the black of his hair.

He still kept a busy party diary, and had lost his head over two ladies, one young, and one of more mature years.

The young one did not want her lover to look too much older than she was, however, so in intimate moments she would go through his hair playfully plucking out the silver threads.

The older one, on the other hand, did not want him to look too much younger, so when they were together she would go through it plucking out the black.

They both went on doing this until the man was quite bald.

Based on ‘The Bald Man and his Two Mistresses’ by Aesop, as given by Babrius.

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Picture: From Wikimedia Commons. Licence: public domain. View original
‘Head of a Full-bearded Man’ by Adolph von Menzel (1815–1905), dated 1894.
Based on a fable by
Aesop of Samos

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