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The Crow and the Pitcher : Brute force is no substitute for quick thinking.
The Crow and the Pitcher

As the old military maxim goes, Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.

AN extremely thirsty crow stumbled across a pitcher, and when she peered inside she found that it was half-filled with water.

But the neck was very narrow, and try as she might she could neither reach the water with her beak, nor summon up sufficient force to tip the pitcher on its side.

This particular crow, however, was nothing if not resourceful.

After a few moments to reason it all out, she started to drop little stones into the urn, one by one.

The water rose higher and higher with each pebble, and eventually the crow was able to dip her beak into the brimming pitcher and quench her thirst.

And the moral of that is, that brain is better than brawn.

Based on the Latin of Romulus Anglicus.

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Picture: Rajesh ramesh gaikwad. Licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0. View original
A crow examines the water in a pitcher suspended high up in a tree.
Based on a fable by
Aesop of Samos

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