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The Duel (1) : Sir Mulberry Hawk’s coarse conduct towards Kate Nickleby has awoken a spark of decency in Lord Frederick Verisopht.
The Duel
Part one

From ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’, by Charles Dickens

Sir Mulberry Hawk has preyed upon the weak character of Lord Frederick Verisopht for years, but the young nobleman has finally stood up to his ‘friend’ over Hawk’s ungentlemanly conduct towards pretty Kate Nickleby. The breach is irreparable, and has come at last to a duel.

THEY turned to the right, and taking a track across a little meadow, passed Ham House and came into some fields beyond. In one of these, they stopped.

The ground was measured, some usual forms gone through, the two principals were placed front to front at the distance agreed upon, and Sir Mulberry turned his face towards his young adversary for the first time. He was very pale, his eyes were bloodshot, his dress disordered, and his hair dishevelled. For the face, it expressed nothing but violent and evil passions. He shaded his eyes with his hand; gazed at his opponent, steadfastly, for a few moments; and, then taking the weapon which was tendered to him, bent his eyes upon that, and looked up no more until the word was given, when he instantly fired.

The two shots were fired, as nearly as possible, at the same instant.

From ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’, by Charles Dickens

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An Aston-Johnson pistol of 1842, an American gun made in Middlefield, Connecticut for use in the military, especially among the cavalry.
The Duel Part Two
By Charles Dickens

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