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Free Kick : Changing one letter at a time, see if you can start with FREE and finish with KICK.
Free Kick


A ‘doublet’ is a word game in which you change one word into another word, a single letter at a time. For example, DOG → DOT → COT → CAT.

See if you can do it with FREE and KICK.

It took us eight steps. Can you do better?

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Robin van Persie, at that time of Arsenal, drills a free kick into the Fulham wall in August 2007.

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Letters Game

What is the longest word you can make using these letters?

Press enter or type a space to see feedback on your word.

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Numbers Game

Work across from the number on the left, applying each arithmetical operation to the previous answer. What’s the final total?

Tip: Click any of the four inner squares to check your running total.

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