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King Henry VI (1422-1461, 1470-1) to King Edward IV (1461-1483)
Richard of York: One Hand on the Throne (1) : The Wars of the Roses pitted two royal houses against each other for the crown of England.
Richard of York: One Hand on the Throne
Part one

Based on ‘A Child’s History of England’ by Charles Dickens.

Henry VI was a descendant of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster; his closest relative was Richard, Duke of York. From 1455 to 1471, the two royal families, the Red Rose and the White, strove bitterly for the crown of England.

KING Henry VI suffered from periodic insanity, and his Queen, Margaret of Anjou, was the power behind his throne.

Neither was popular. Many people were glad that after capturing the King at St Albans on May 22nd, 1455, Richard, Duke of York, left Margaret no choice but to reinstate him as Lord Protector, governing in Henry’s stead.

At the first sign of an improvement in Henry, however, Margaret ousted Richard, who withdrew to Ireland; but his loyal friend, Richard Neville, Duke of Warwick, fought on, and Henry’s recapture at Northampton on July 10th, 1460, opened the way to a triumphant return.

Once more in Westminster, Richard of York stood in the House of Lords by an empty throne. For a moment he rested a hand upon it; then drew it back, contenting himself with being named Henry’s successor, disinheriting Henry’s son Edward.

Margaret escaped to Scotland, raised an army, and came south to meet Richard at Sandal, near Wakefield, on December 30th, 1460.

Based on ‘A Child’s History of England’ by Charles Dickens.

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The throne of the United Kingdom in the House of Lords, Palace of Westmister, as it is today.
Based on an account by Charles Dickens

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