Heracles and the Augean Stables : Heracles shows his capacity for thinking outside the box, but spoils it by trying to be just a little bit too clever.
Heracles and the Augean Stables

Based on ‘Library’ II.5.5 by Pseudo-Apollodorus (ca. 1st or 2nd century AD) and ‘Ode XI’ by Pindar (?522-?443 BC).

Heracles has murdered his family in a fit of anger, and is performing a series of ‘Labours’ for his cousin King Eurystheus, to work off his guilt. Eurystheus would be just as happy if Heracles perished in his Labours, and in sending him now to clean out the stables of Augeas, King of Elis, appears to hope he can disgust him to death.

AUGEAS, King of Elis, had kept three thousand high-spirited cattle in an enclosure near his palace for thirty years without once mucking them out, even though they were of divine race and produced mountains of potent dung.

Nonetheless, on surveying the ghastly scene Heracles undertook to clear the stables in a day, in exchange for a tenth of the herd. Augeas agreed, unaware that this was supposed to be one of Heracles’s Labours of repentance, not a business transaction.

Heracles seized a mattock, and began excavating a trench. Soon two mighty rivers of Elis, the Alpheus and the Peneus, were flushing the stables out, and Heracles, well satisfied, stumped off to collect his three hundred head of cattle.

By this time, however, Augeas knew about the Labours, and withheld payment. In a rage, Heracles slew him, but Eurystheus, noting that Nature had done most of the work, voided the labour anyway, and sent Heracles to Stymphalia to deal with the man-eating birds of the marshes.

Based on ‘Library’ II.5.5 by Pseudo-Apollodorus (ca. 1st or 2nd century AD) and ‘Ode XI’ by Pindar (?522-?443 BC).

The Labours of Heracles

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The River Pinios bubbles along its rocky bed, dappled by sunlight. The Pinios is one of the principal rivers of Elis, a region of the western Peloponnese, the peninsula at the southern end of the Greek mainland. It was one of the two rivers which Heracles employed so ingeniously to complete his daunting task in less than a day.

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