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The History of Susannah (1) : A young Jewish woman in ancient Babylon falls victim to a heartless conspiracy.
The History of Susannah
Part one

‘Susannah’ is one of the books of the so-called Apocrypha, not as widely read as they once were but part of the classic English translation published in 1611, and ‘authorised to be read in churches’. It is a story about the use and the abuse of law, a reminder that even courts do not guarantee justice where there is no fear of God.

IN the days when Daniel lived in Babylon, a wealthy Jewish man named Joachim had a lovely young wife called Susannah. The Jews of Babylon visited the couple’s gracious home and garden daily, and when two new Babylonian judges were appointed, they held court sessions there.

Seeing her so often, the two judges were soon infatuated with Susannah, and used to watch her from the bushes in the private garden where she liked to bathe. One day, they lost all self-control, and burst out to demand that she give herself to them, or they would say they had caught her having an affair.

Susannah defied them. So they dragged her to a hastily assembled court and accused her of adultery. With their own eyes, they cried, they had seen a young man making love to Susannah beneath a tree, though (regrettably) he had overpowered them, and escaped.

Naturally, everyone believed their lordships, and Susannah was sentenced to death.

Handel: Susannah

George Frideric Handel composed an Oratorio based on the story of Susannah in 1748. Below is a recording of the Overture, performed by the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, and directed by Nicholas McGegan.

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A water feature in the garden of Ramat HaNadiv, at the southern end of the Mount Carmel range beside the Mediterranean sea. The action in the history of Susannah takes place, of course, not in Israel but in Babylon, which lay not far from what is now Baghdad in Iraq. Many Jews were forcibly deported there after Jerusalem was besieged by the Babylonian Empire’s ruler Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC. The exiles were permitted to return in 539, after Babylon fell to the Persians.

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