Honeycomb Game : A word search game with a dash of strategy.
Honeycomb Game

THE Honeycomb Game is a Word Search game. Make words from adjacent cells in the honeycomb below. The example is already showing. When you are satisfied with your word and your score, add it to your ‘Honey Jar’ by clicking the button.

See if you can find 10 words at an average of 40 points or more.
Alternatively, try to score 100 points in under 2 minutes.

1 Aim — Find words in the honeycomb below by chaining together letters in adjacent cells.

2 Highlighting — Click on any honeycomb cell to highlight a letter. The letter’s background will turn dark brown. Then make a word by clicking on neighbouring cells (up, down, left or right) to add more letters. Each cell you click must be next to a highlighted cell. This means that you may have to enter your letters in a jumbled order such as tca instead of cat.

Plain cellHighlighted cell
Bonus cellHighlighted bonus cell

3 Undo — You can undo a highlight by clicking it again. To remove the highlight for a whole word, click on a honeycomb cell that is well away from your word, or simply click outside the honeycomb area.

4 Bonus points — Letters in the lighter ‘bonus’ cells count double. If your word includes two bonus cells, the total word score is doubled, and tripled for three (and so on).

5 Scoring and storing words — When you make a word of three or more letters, that word and any anagrams of it will be shown in the box underneath, together with the points scored. Continue adding letters until you have have reached the highest score you can make, then click the ‘Add to jar’ button, and add your word to your ‘honey jar’ of words. New letters will appear in the honeycomb, in place of your word.

6 Requests — Whenever you add a word to the Honey Jar, it is replaced with new letters. If you would like one of those letters to be a particular one (for example, a U for a nearby Q) click on any one of the A-Z alphabet letters underneath the honeycomb to highlight it (in red). The fresh letters will include your requested one... With luck, it’ll be in the right place!

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New Game

Find each of these words in the honeycomb above. Remember, every letter much touch at least one other in the same word.

New Game
After you add your next word to the Honey Jar, the letter will be included in the replacement letters.
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Thanks to Nook Fulloption and Arístides Silva at the Noun Project for the honey jar and the little bee. Both images © CC BY-SA 3.0 (US).