Jason and the Golden Fleece (1) : A political rival sends Jason on a hopeless errand, to fetch the golden fleece.
Jason and the Golden Fleece
Part one

Based on ‘Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome’, by E. M. Berens.

Jason has been denied the crown of Iolcus which is his by right. Nonetheless, he gamely agrees to win it back, by fetching the legendary golden fleece from the Kingdom of Colchis on the Black Sea.

WHEN Jason arrived in the Kingdom of Iolcus wearing one sandal, his uncle King Pelias was anxious. He had stolen the crown from Jason’s father, and had been told that a youth wearing one shoe would one day kill him.

So Pelias agreed to give up the throne in exchange for the legendary golden fleece of Colchis, an errand from which he felt sure Jason would not return.

Jason commissioned a magnificent ship, the Argo, and sailed for Colchis.

But Aetes, King of Colchis, refused to let the fleece go, unless Jason first ploughed a field behind two fire-breathing oxen, and sowed it with teeth belonging to a dead monster named the Ismenian Serpent, which would spring up as armed men.

Then, he must somehow get past another, unsleeping serpent which guarded the sacred grove where the fleece was kept.

Nonetheless, with the help of the King’s daughter Medea, Jason overcame every obstacle in his path, and left for Iolcus to claim his crown.

Based on ‘Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome’, by E. M. Berens.

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The Argo as imagined by Konstantinos Volonakis (1837-1907), now regarded as the father of Greek seascape painting.

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