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The Peculiar Customs of Lilliput : The people of Lilliput are strangely small, but their ideas are bizarre in a big way.
The Peculiar Customs of Lilliput

From ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (1726), by Jonathan Swift.

Lemuel Gulliver has been carried on a strange journey to unknown peoples and cultures, which has now brought him to Lilliput, where the people are barely six inches high.

I SHALL say but little at present of their learning, which, for many ages, has flourished in all its branches among them: but their manner of writing is very peculiar, being neither from the left to the right, like the Europeans, nor from the right to the left, like the Arabians, nor from up to down, like the Chinese, but aslant, from one corner of the paper to the other, like ladies in England.

They bury their dead with their heads directly downward, because they hold an opinion, that in eleven thousand moons* they are all to rise again; in which period the earth (which they conceive to be flat) will turn upside down, and by this means they shall, at their resurrection, be found ready standing on their feet.

* That is, after 11,000 lunar months, or approximately 889 years.

From ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (1726), by Jonathan Swift.

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