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Russian Empire (1721-1917)
Not a Scratch! : Hapless extremists try to wipe out a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.
Not a Scratch!

Based on an account at Pravoslavie.

This is far from the only tale of its kind concerning the ‘Kursk Root’ icon, named after its discovery in the 13th century among the shrubs of a forest near the ruins of Kursk in Russia. The icon, which escaped both the USSR and the Nazis, is kept today in New York, and last visited England in 2012.

The Kursk Root icon without its protective metal cover. Click the image to enlarge it.

IN 1898, Russian anarchists planted a bomb in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign in Kursk. It was timed to go off during the evening service for maximum casualties, and designed to destroy the miraculous icon of Mary kept there in a glass case. A shared belief in the icon’s miraculous powers drew peasant and Tsar closer together, which did not suit the anarchists at all.

However, the bomb did not explode until two in the morning, with a shivering bang. The monks of the monastery leapt out of bed and raced into the deserted cathedral, to find the icon’s heavy marble pedestal jolted and cracked. A weighty silver candlestick had been blown off it, right across the church; an iron door beside it had been wrenched off its hinges; the golden canopy above had crashed onto the floor, and window-glass was everywhere underfoot.

Amidst this devastation the icon itself was serene, its glass case — like its reputation for miracles — perfectly intact.

Based on an account at Pravoslavie.


In 2009, the icon returned to Kursk for the first time since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The short video below shows its arrival and the vast crowd of Russians who gathered to pay their respects to it.

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Picture: © Гондарева Илга (Ilga Gondareva), Wikimedia Commons. Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0. View original
The dome of the Znamensky Cathedral in Kursk, Russia, some 280 miles south of Moscow. The cathedral was built in 1825 in honour of the icon of the Virgin Mary; nearby is the Kursk Hermitage, which stands on the site where the icon first appeared in 1295.
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