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An Easy Life (1) : Mr Easy believes he has missed out on fatherhood, and having nothing else to do, turns to political campaigning.
An Easy Life
Part one

From ‘Midshipman Easy’ (1836), by Frederick Marryat.

Mr Nicodemus Easy is a Hampshire gentleman destined to be the father of the hero of Captain Marryat’s novel. As the tale opens, however, Mr Easy has resigned himself to being childless, and has determined to make the best of it.

MR Nicodemus Easy was a gentleman who lived down in Hampshire; he was a married man, and in very easy circumstances. Most couples find it very easy to have a family, but not always quite so easy to maintain them. Mr Easy was not at all uneasy on the latter score, as he had no children; but he was anxious to have them, as most people covet what they cannot obtain.

After ten years, Mr Easy gave it up as a bad job. Philosophy is said to console a man under disappointment, although Shakespeare asserts that it is no remedy for toothache; so Mr Easy turned philosopher, the very best profession a man can take up, when he is fit for nothing else; he must be a very incapable person indeed who cannot talk nonsense.

From ‘Midshipman Easy’ (1836), by Frederick Marryat.

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Picture: By George Romney (1734-1802), via Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Public domain. View original
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