Prepositions : Find prepositions to follow each of these words.

Use each word below in sentences to show that it can be followed by one or more prepositions. Click any word to see some suggested prepositions.

Take umbrage. Entrust. Exception. Beg. Prone. Averse. Labour. Reconciled. Accede. Partake. Responsible. Apologize. Grateful. Analogous. Collaborate. Deter. Propensity. Affinity. Concerned. Alien. Intrude. Trespass. Key. Impervious. Connive. Consist. Exult. Adapted. Deal. Hardened. Perish. Submit. Agree. Desist. Glance. Slow. Simultaneously. Anxious. Talk. Different. Contemporary. Popular. Differ. Lean. Claim. Readiness. Inveigle. Enter. Concur. Suitable. Indignant. Immune. Contribution. Accountable. Arrival. Impatient. Beware. Abstain. Negligent. Engaged. Warn. Initiate. Prevail. Omit. Answerable. Content onself. Compensate. Amenable. Prepare. Obliged. Careless. Chary. Disgusted. Gratitude. Offended. Detract. Take issue. Introduced. Compare. Parallel. Use. Indifferent. Angry. Comply. Careful. Precedence. Succeed. Abide. Preoccupied. Compete. Coincide. Amused. Conducive. Authority. Avail. Familiar. Participate. Appeal. Commiserate. Compatible. Interspersed. Exempt. Secure. Derive.

useful prepositions

About. Against. Among. At. By. For. From. In. Into. Of. On. Out. Over. To. Upon. With.

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