Nine Lives : See if you can guess these words letter-by-letter.
Nine Lives

SEE if you can guess what the word below is, before all the cats have gone!

annulridiculousgo along withrelent, give wayobtainspeak to; direction on a letteranimal kept for its woolastonishmake correct (especially moral failings) harmless and well-meaningfriendlyquantityentertain, make someone laughvery oldwraththe art of fishing with rod and linewrathfulnon-human creatureworrycome nearfish tankthe art of shooting with bow and arrowconceited, unpleasantly proud sharpened stick fired from a bowfind out, learn(of a look) distrustful or disapprovingattackputting together; morning school gatheringpromise, pledgeamazewith one leg either sideassaultsale by bidding for lotscapable of being heardthe right to commandkeep away fromsingle gentlemanperplexbread-making placestrips of cloth tied round a woundsend into exileweatherman’s toolimprovised obstacle across a road or doorwaypour juices over meat during cookingwashloveliness since, asconductpuzzle, baffleoutside seatleave as a legacymoveoverbook of (often fabulous) creaturesargue over small mattersexpert on living organismsaccuse of responsibilitybright, vigorous fireunconcerned, without a careflowerexpert on plant lifepurchasededge of a cricket pitchparenthesis; L-shaped wall fixturelimb of a treeexhalebeer-making factoryarched way over a river, road etc.make or become lighter, more cheerfulglittering; extremely clever or good.carry along with oneeasily snappedan estimate of income and expenditure over a given perioddairy productdisastertable of datesGreek nymph; dance from Trinidad honestydoglikeuppermost tree branches of a forest; cloth or canvas roofhorse’s slow runtip over in water and sinkone’s path in employmentwoodworkcoachwaterfallfortressinformal, accidentalsomething that sets off a chain of eventsclass, typecows, bullslarge underground chamberburial placewhite, soft, earthy limestone (calcium carbonate) winner personality morally pure and unsulliedupbraid, scoldexpert on elements, compounds etc.; pharmacistscientific discipline fruithorse, sweet - or roasted?domestic, egg-laying fowl rather coldlight crownintelligentsleeveless outdoor garment dressa compact group of plants growing togetherbelonging to the seasidemixed alcoholic drink of spirits and other flavourscompelling, convincingpitcrashworking together (especially on something illegal)e.g. red, blue, greenstrive against a rival for the same prizeconsisting of many different but connected partsmusic for orchestra and soloiste.g. mustard, saltvanquish police officerdisdaine.g. Europe, Asiahold a discussion; oppositepersuadeadvisory or administrative body, e.g. city, parishadvicepluckypolite, gracious in speechsenior member of a royal householdnot openly acknowledged; a thicket providing concealmentcravencotcowardlyinsanelong, thin gap in rock or stonesquat downdisintegrate; e.g. apple, rhubarbhuginquisitivenesssuperficial, hasty and not carefuldrapecause harmnatural sunshineten yearsresistance to attacktasty knock downpaint a picture in wordsnotwithstandingsmall item of informationpolice officerline right across the middle of a circlegive a bad name tosneering contempt dreadful, depressing chaosfar offof varying kindsmythical creaturerelated to plays; sudden and striking(of an action) radical, having far-reaching effectsdeep feeling of fearclear the bottom of a river, lake disciplineform of energy resulting from charged particlesmake correct (especially a text) respected and well-knownimprove, embellishquestiondraw, temptcontainer for a lettereven-temperedbeing the same in amount or valueofficer of the royal householdwearing awayfoundguessget out of the way ofnot giving straight answerstestimonyfree from an obligation or liability that applies to otherspracticespecialityliable to go off with a bangto the utmost degreeskill, ability; university departmentprone to faultsone’s blood relativesimagination; whim style, trendaffix securelywearinessnot working properlythe one preferred above the restpractical, posible to achievecatlikepassionately sincere and intensego and bring backsomething invented or untrue; form of literaturearrangement e.g. for a football matchlip around a wheele.g. of stepssmall group of shipsbridge carrying one road or railway over anotherlittle weaknesssearch for foodscientific discipline used in the examination of crimesthe art of maintaining large areas of treessuffer loss as a penaltyfashion out of metalallow some wrong to go unpunishedcastlebig band dance originating in American ragtime easily brokendesperategoodsmadly busyhappening oftenallysudden slap of alarmburial ceremonyhorse’s fast runplace for plantssocial class, respectable but not nobilitywith extreme cautionquick lookcatch sight ofshine with light reflected from a wet or smooth surfaceshine with small, bright flashed of reflected lightthick, clear liquid used in explosives and cold remediesone of two stakes supporting a crossbar in footballfarewell appreciativemournmutter complaintswarrantywardenartillerymancustomarywithout logic or ordergathering of cropsa state of hurryhurry onproud, cold and contemptuousceremonial official who makes proclamationssincereas far as the eye can seedreadfulplace for serious medical treatmentself-effacementset fire towithout knowledgedeliberately overlookmagician’s trickof great significancesudden urgegrowhospitalone who brings newsone who passes gossip to the policephysical damageinduce immunity against disease by exposuree.g. Lestrade, Japp or Morseindemnity, cover against losspurposetranslateface-to-face meeting e.g. for job applicantmake an unwelcome entrance, poke one’s nose inlook intoencourage to visitspearsweatere.g. necklace, earrings, broochrattle e.g. small bells or coinsracehorse riderdiarycourt officialrepeatedly toss and catch several objects without dropping themrandom mixplace where two roads or railway lines come togetherbenevolenthalt of leg or footpicture of a natural scenetonguethefthasp, door hookextravagantextendone’s day-to-day habitsprobablefloppy; walk unevenly e.g. owing to a woundconcerned with the writing of (quality) novels, poetry etc.(of the body) supple, strong and gracefulspot, placeself-propelled railway enginesalve, medicinal liquid for external woundsclearly expressedany raised, compact mass of something(of certain substances, or a personality) having the power of attractionmake something appear largerfirst, virginnot an islandkeep in good shapeoverseer, one who runs a football sideevident; record of passengers or goodstailor’s dummyattitude, way of behavinggrand housestone; glass ballorange spreadold-fashioned kind of musical drama similar to an operacomprehensive control over a person or skillremedy, drugone belonging to a cluballude to, speak ofone who trades, especially overseascompassionate forgiveness in errorcombinationheated into a liquid statereligious houseexclusive control; board gamebesidesconfusionsmother soundspeak softly; grumbleplace where old artefacts are kept and exhibitede.g. pianist, flautistcondimentgather together, collect upenigmaessential, sine qua nonneither positive nor negativehot or alcoholic drink before bedtimezerowatch; remarkeasily seen or understoodplace of non-manual work; position of authorityeye specialistseer, prophetparentless childshould, obligedbanditdone or shown plainlyuse oarsroyal residencepart of the mouth, one’s sense of tasteartist’s tray of pigmentsvery small speck; e.g. electron, neutronseparate off; a dividing panel or walltravel documentcut and ...flagged path beside a roadavoiding confrontation; calm and quietfood beloved by wild birdsodd; characteristicforfeitwriting toolflightless bird of the southern polar regionsdeep in thoughtdangerousghosta series of words not forming a clause or sentencescientific discipline e.g. Mars, Venusstage, place to board a traine.g. William Shakespeare, J.B. Priestleynicerelaxation and enjoymenttill the groundcourageoustradesman for water systems(grammar) two or more in numberthe Forceimpart a shinecivillively dance of Bohemian origin; dot weighty and slowable to be carried aboutpossessing a well-rounded figure picture of a personliquid, especially a poisonous or socerous onesoothing dressing for a woundhens etc.leap onto preybroad grassland typical of the USAtalk on about nothingprevent, make impossiblea musical piece coming before anotherreadygiftsuppose likelywin after a strugglenot careful with moneyadvantagemake last longersuggestionlikelihood, expectation; promising candidateBiblical songsmall poolseabird of arctic and northern waters with a colourful billhit with the fistbuy; item boughtattractively old-fashioned or unusualmeet the required standardamountenquiryline of people light-hearted ballroom dance derived from foxtrot (of a look) doubtful but amuseditem of tennis equipment route for trainstalk aimlessly; roam over rough ground(of a memory) go on annoyinghasty and recklessstate again to be truecome to knowsupposeumpirewhat you see in the mirrorfeel sorry about a past deedcast off stresslet goease off, back downease, make less burdensome or painfultending to belief in a god or godsunwillingobservationcure, solutioncall to minddistanttake awayask forinhabitant, occupierremainderseaside or other holiday spotgood opinion put back to the original state or placetake up againuncommunicativebring back togethergo backwardsprizedismissal, usually ‘good’! long, thin, raised part of e.g. a mountainstrict and thoroughtheftportlylow, continuous noiseopen shoe made of thongs or ropessnack foodpublic disgraceplace of learningclean abrasivelyget fighter planes in the airthwart, deliberately underminemember of the governing council chamber of ancient Romewatchful military guardmove apartgravedarker area created when light is obstructedvibrated; left a little shockede.g. Swan Hunter (Newcastle), Harland & Wolff (Belfast)tremble e.g. with coldone’s ‘John Hancock’making no noiseprecious metaluncomplicatedgenuine, honest(grammar) one in number; curiously odddroolingvery thin slicewhere you’d find anvil and hammerserpent graball aloneacidic, like lemonself-governing; monarchroomyglittervisually striking display or performance slim, pointed metal pin or post helixglorious, magnificentmarred; foolishly indulgedoral, said aloud representative who makes statements on behalf of another occurring irregularly and infrequentlyfit and activeshort, sharp storm a state of unhealthy mess and dirtiness wasteshape with four equal sidespeer through narrowed eyesred or grey nut-lover home for horsesarenaindoor flight of stepsdownpayment for a bet; wooden post no longer freshstopping place for e.g. buses, trains severe; rear (of boat)hit, ailingprecise, uncompromisingbig stepgoalscorersmall room e.g. of artist or photographerreplacementall at onceput forwardlight evening mealprop; give aid tomedical expert who peforms operationspiece of clothjumpercheat, conturn on a pivottool for injectionscloth wall-hangingdelicious instructorAlexander Graham Bell’s brainchildtract of land, especially its physical featuresevidencebuilding for playsexhaustive(of cloth) worn right downcareful with moneyflourishwoodalarm bell forbearingedge of a football pitchpoison walk all overe.g. bus, train, planeacrobat’s equipmentone who makes a journeyshocking distortionviscous, golden sweeteneragreement between nationswooden structure for supporting plantsshakeshape with three sidesglorious victory of little importancedefeat comfortably, by a wide marginitem of clothingteaching(of water) stirred up and muddyboring and difficultsupreme, last mostrefereewithout being askedobscure, not lucidmythical creatureofficial school clothingfound everywherenot commonplaceremonstrate withstanding vertical; morally decentspeak; complete, totalunoccupied room or jobinjection against smallpox or other diseasewaverwanton destruction of propertyconquer deer meatestablish the truth ofcapable of working successfullysour wineone who sells wines(of a liquid) thick, sticky and slow-movinglivelinessof one’s freewilllong trip, especially by seawalk like a duckone who serves tableswoman serving at tablesballroom dance in three-four time cupboard for clothescautionary adviceguaranteespend uselesslyalertrain, snow, or sunshineSaturday and Sundaythree stumps and two bails seasonone who testifies in courtshakydeterioratedeservingfight hand-to-handmiserable fellowpart of the armtwist aboutcommitted to papercolourdirecthealth, happiness, and fortunes of a person or groupdisturbance, especially civicadditionally; a greater distancesect, splinter groupnot artificialinquiring, wanting to know; odd, strangebump or lump; growing in sizeinsult; attacktwelve o’clockfamily membermoving (emotionally)in the course or time ofprofessional who provides food for an eventonly just, to an insignificant degreebelonging to the north polar regionscareconscientiousnessone who is kept as a prisoner in time of warexpand like elastic; jail term (informal)lattice, gridbendbale, flexible; synthetic materialroomJewish place of worshipdomestic room for laundry and dishwashingat any rate, regardlesslot, sharedirect and unequivocal; wholly and completelypassage of the neck where the voice comes frominterpreting a written text, silently or aloudgoal; impartialretreat; take out (e.g. money from a bank)encourage to act or think in your wayrelease of a prisoner before the expiry of a sentence, on condition of good behaviourdead bodystrong desire or emotion; suffering, especially that of Jesus Christinner, interior; to the insidelikelyshare a secretone who seizes the throneegg on, persuadesmallduring; whereasreveal, remove a lidspace betwen trees in a forestthin swordburn to ashes, especially a dead bodyone pretending to be someone elsemove heavily and awkwardly; burden with; clutter, useless items of furniture etc.good-lookingof unknown nameantique long-barrelled gununable to move or impossible to reach owing to frozen watersupport financiallyspreading, covering a wide areagem, usually bluewords used on meetinga different onenot harshreal, actualitem of crockery (known for miniature storms)par for the course, standard(of the eye) flecked with redenter a country, home etc. aggressively and illegallyfirst, authenticforceoratorone who looks after a buildingfortified wineapproach, system; part of a reciperichesgivee.g. Christianity, Buddhismthe eastobsolete electrical messaging systempart of the body at the upper armlady’s garment for the shouldersslimplace to buy e.g. novelsgive religious honour and adoration tonatural ingredient in cheese, curdling the milkpost, columnover-the-top, excessively flattering or complimentarytwelve o’clockofficially, ceremoniouslycalm, gently relieve painjoysmall room or cupboardcovering, e.g. paper for presentsmisleaddullprompting positive and friendly feelinggreater in heatliftcause to love or likegender, not feminine or neuteradornwith optimismwith confidence; is that not so?high moral principleimagine, guessminersfair-hairedceremonial worshipedge of town, beyond the suburbsmonitorhaving greater power or forcecall back to minddrown or bury beneath a great masscolleaguealikehaving the qualities of a Christian holy personpirateunassumingmazetrickery, sleight of handact as chairmanscatterseamstress’s protectiona period of military conflicthuge, weightyas much as one can hold on one’s palmmusical composition designed to charmmeasurement or extent from end to enddesire to keep something to oneself, aversion to sharingprevent from operatingin the direction ofobject which attracts or repels with unseen forcemake less heavyloud, unpleasant noise (especially of voices)required, essentialprohibitprisonerbroken off pieceslow ballroom danceanglerregion of landsupreme rule; form of address for a judgeof motion, round and roundas far as this point in timeoriginbrass instrumentdeed; court casesly, schemingtotally and completely, to the last degreelisten; be presentnasty, relentless hatred and ill-willuse to one’s own advantageupright; build, constructat a greater in distanceput no faith inlong, furry animal used to hunt rabbits in warrensvegetableutterancenaughtinessas a consequence of thatin the land of nodone who is killed for his faithseat of a monarchshock and surprisemale member of a royal familyassembly; US parliamentstayplanget too large formedical examination of fitnesse.g. one, two, threeseveral territories conquered and ruled by onescoldtrespass; offend slightly against a rule or lawfoul and distastefulmain article in a newspaper or magazinehistorical accounton fireearlier, coming beforearmed conflictaudience membersound of merrimentbank loan against the value of one’s houseunhealthily wishing that you had what another hasmessyabductcutting tooloff and on, in brief and restless periods onlycapture by deceitcause dissatisfaction or annoyanceresilient and strongcoarsemonarch’s representative in British Indiadouse with wateropening music for an operaadvantagemove or pull along slowly with a rumbling soundmediaeval armoured horsemanon a small scaleecho of gunshot; written accountmythological; absolutely wonderfulclassic e.g. car, winecoolerfull of enthusiasmat fixed intervalsin pain after a long walkordinary residentspreparation for an exampreening self-regardinvestigationbook; loudness of a sound; space measured in cubic unitsfairness, rightappallingclergyman, e.g. at a school or in the armed forcesparty of assistants accompanying a person of importancea particular event, or the time when it happens; cause, reasonstrong dislikefancifullarge fire kindled as a signalhard work; business, especially in manufacturinggrowth, enlargementcapable of being seenone’s kinclearly visible; separatestuff, matterhinged or removable panel in ceiling, floor or roofinnumerablearea of ground wholly surrounded by waterkeeppraise, as being well suited to a particular use or rolepoint out, nameadvance, forward movementone who studies rockssmear e.g. jam over breadold hand; former soldierthe whole span of one person’s existencehatefulone who lacks faithcommit to performing a task or responsibilityconnected with the sightdecorative strip of paper or fabricorderecstasynot entirely, but in the greater partbreak a law or agreement; desecratecountrysuitable or right; genuine, realplace of one’s residence, upbringing or birthgrave, seriouspurify, wash free of dirt or impuritymusician playing alone or accompanied by othersrecommend, especially as a course of medicinealcoholic drinkcause to lose concentrationa tracing of the edges onlyshort disc or rod within a cylinder, moved back and forth by e.g. steam to drive a pump or engineknow again; acknowledgeagreement; cheap dealof the mindlimitmale siblingsuffocate; suppresshold back, slow downplace with stalls where people sell their goodsbooty, prizes of warill-mannered, violent fellowexpression of regret; speech in defencecombine, mixstory which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaningin a reckless, foolish wayunable to pay one’s debtssure; particularburial placestrength to continue over a long timegain control over; teacher in a schoollight, small and typically cardboard container for food or drinkdisloyaltycricketer; kind of hatmake an indirect referencecalm and untroubleddefensive soldiers stationed in a fort, or the fort itselfpolitenessmake very angryexcessive or insincere praisethe sound of firearmssturdy, locked container for documents or valuableshappenadept, deftheart and gratemediaeval prisonnotion, suppositionaware, awakewillingness to wait or endureamicablecourage in battle and consideration for womenshine or glow unsteadilyUniversity teacherplace for seeing artdefend, keep from harmwillingness to bear faults or differences in othershereafter and without endan unnamed or unknown persona court hearing examining the same case a second timein the leading positionentire, totalhold back from; chorusmake certainungenerous, harshnot consciousgrief, sorrowfoolish, very unwiseappoint to a task, role or postsource, starting pointsexbelonging to one of the points of the compassone that keeps others safe, guardbird; eat or drinkpower, forcegreat happiness, joyactivity of the mindthe act of helping or doing work for someonefootwearsome unspecified person, without restrictionbore; underground routeelement, symbol Cshamecontestknife attached to the muzzle of a riflethe day after todaygrate against; act of mischief or mild troubleexterior, top layer or outside partwhen driving, pass by another vehiclefriendthings that have to be donerow; line of reasoningslope; lean towardsmovement of cold air indoorsoffensivewalk as if drunk or dazed(of a species) no longer in existence anywhere in the worldvocationpart of a gunask advice fromgive up at personal cost, offer to a godtorch; person of passionate beliefsget back, secure the return ofrisky, likely to cause injury or harmmass killinglovingly gentle and affectionate; sore to the touchmake musical sounds by blowing through teeth or lipscool storage room for foodsextending all over the earthpropelling oneself through water using one’s limbsunsteady, loose and likely to collapse or fall overvenal, willing to be bought offguestunsettlethread; isolate, cut off; London streetseasone.g. carnation, rose, sweet williamlunaticpreparedone who makes use of one’s professional servicesscraps of refuse on the streetin a coarse, ill-mannered waycolourful insectchange, have an impact onobey (wishes or rules)put in, put betweenbring in; arrange for one person to become acquainted with another except ifof higher qualityface, countenancepresent from birthnot in a rough waykind of cloth used for cricket whites; face clothright; amendinsult; in a very small degree, faintsticks, small branches and undergrowthgadget for establishing the presence of something, e.g. metal, liesfind the position ofmember of domestic staffgroup of people living in the same place or sharing something else on commondress, especially of an actor on stagego upremote, sad owing to a lack of companymale siblings; members of a male religious housewanting a drinkgovernment department; the work or occupation of a clergymanon the condition that, on the understanding thatextending over the whole worldtortureon the ground, where one treadsjerk, (of a muscle) jump involuntarilyelectrical discharge in the atmosphere during a stormconfer a rightaccount of past events, chronicleofficer commanding a shiplarge carved or cast figure in e.g. stone, metalshowing all the defining characteristics of somethingroom for washing oneselfbetting, wageringfrom wheresmall parcel or envelopeneither masculine nor femininesparkling winesails and ropes on a shipexpress regret to someone you have upsetlooking-glasscausing feelings of great affectionmatrimonyone who betrays his countryat the rear ofperiod of recklessly destructive movementhaving a strong dislike of or opposition to somethingcolourtotally, whollyremove impurities or coarse elements from something, e.g. flourreasons; sediment, especially in coffeee.g. sterling, dollarconsequences, resultsfuelat last, in the last placedifficultyheavinesssell goods abroadresidential area of a town or city away from the centreforce upon, e.g. penalty, lawcolour; noisy signal rocketencounter; formal business discussionlaborious, menial workking or queenoccupy a place in large numbers, e.g. as mice, fleascourt actionbaptismal sponsorprovide solace or reassurance; ease and cosinessevergreen treeone who looks after exhibits in a museumwading bird with downward-curving bill

Thanks to Gilad Fried and Damitr / Noun Project for the fish. Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 US.

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