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Ottoman Empire (1453-1922)
The Spy (1) : In 1910, Constantine Zervakos, a young monk from the Greek island of Paros, found himself charged with espionage.
The Spy
Part one

Based on Ο Άγ. Δημήτριος σώζει τον π. Φιλόθεο Ζερβάκο από την εκτέλεση at Pemptousia, and Elder Philotheos Zervakos at Pravoslavie.

Until 1912, the city and port of Thessalonica was in the hands of the Muslim Turks, and any Greek, especially a Christian, took his life in his hands passing through. In 1910, a newly-minted monk of the Longovarda monastery on Paros got himself into very hot water.

ON his way home to Paros after a long-anticipated visit to Mount Athos, a young monk named Constantine Zervakos decided he had enough time before his ship left Thessalonica to nip into the Turkish-controlled city and visit the church of St Demetrius.*

He had not gone far, however, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. It seemed that he had been under surveillance for some days, and this latest escapade was too much. A Turkish soldier now guided him through three barbed wire fences to a cell in the customs house, where he was locked up with a young man who informed him tersely that they were to be executed. ‘What wrong did we do?’ complained Constantine. ‘Don’t ask’, his fellow-prisoner advised.

Suddenly however, there was a commotion in the harbour: an oil-barrel on a passenger ship had mysteriously caught fire. Everyone rushed out to watch or help, and the two ‘spies’ found the door of their cell unlocked and unguarded.

* When he was ordained priest, Constantine took the name Philotheos, and is better known today as Elder Philotheos Zervakos (1884-1980). In Greece he is venerated as a saint.

Based on Ο Άγ. Δημήτριος σώζει τον π. Φιλόθεο Ζερβάκο από την εκτέλεση at Pemptousia, and Elder Philotheos Zervakos at Pravoslavie.

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The White Tower on the waterfront in the Greek city of Thessalonica (Thessaloniki). In 1910, the city was in Turkish hands still, and the White Tower chillingly infamous as a place of torture and execution.
The Spy Part Two

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