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Quickword No. 27 : Do you know ‘perceptive’ (5 letters), and ‘English artist’ (3 letters)?
Quickword No. 27
Not many.
Proverbially, mightier than the sword.
Eye Water, river in the Scottish Borders that rises in the Lammermuir Hills, and passes Ayton Castle on its way to the North Sea just north of Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Augustus Leopold Egg (1816-1863), English artist much admired by Evelyn Waugh.
A group of games in tennis.
Welsh town 7 miles northeast of Swansea, mentioned in the 2nd century AD ‘Antonine Itinerary’.
Of one’s face, unhealthily pale and colourless.
Biblical city and harbour, now in the Lebanon, whose King, Hiram, sent craftsmen to build a palace in Jerusalem for David (2 Samuel 5:11).
Space between two points.
Throw one object at another in an attempt to hit it.
Measure of whisky.

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‘The Travelling Companions’ (1862), showing two fashionable young ladies - or perhaps the same lady in different moods or at different times - in a railway carriage. But who painted it? See 10 across.

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