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Quickword No. 30 : Do you know ‘pull along behind one’ (3 letters), and ‘self-evident or accepted proposition’ (5 letters)?
Quickword No. 30
Bath or other large, deep-sided container.
Reverent wonder.
My bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my complaint. Job 7:13
Town in North Wales at the English border, where John Wilkinson made the cylinders for Boulton and Watts’s historic steam engine of 1776.
Knife attached to the muzzle of a rifle.
Unable to walk comfortably, e.g. because of injury to the leg or foot.
Mischievous child or sprite.
River at Dundee in Scotland.
Pull something along behind, e.g. a caravan.
Letter of the Old English alphabet, Æ, named after a tree.
Make cloth from yarn.
A proposition or statement taken as established, accepted or self-evidently true.
Shrill bark.
Touchdown in rugby.

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Stryd yr Hôb or Hope Street hosted the prestigious ‘Art Treasures & Industrial Exhibition of North Wales’ in 1876, and the Lion Hotel once put up Guiseppe Garibaldi. But where is it? See 7 across.

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