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Quickword No. 46 : Do you know ‘situation of a golf ball’ (3 letters), and ‘the capital of the State of New York’ (6 letters)?
Quickword No. 46
Malleable metal alloy, mostly of tin, mixed with copper, antimony, bismuth, and sometimes lead or silver.
Belonging to us.
“It would be wiser — considering how soon the breath of scandal will tarnish a lady’s fame — to let her be mine to-morrow.”
From ‘A Group of Noble Dames’, by Thomas Hardy.
Go past an intended limit.
The position and environment of a golf ball during play.
Capital of New York State in the US, named after a Dukedom held by King James II.
Greek island of the Dodecanese where St John the Divine saw his Revelation.
See Revelation 1:9-11.
Frank Worrell, captain of the 1960-61 West Indians in Australia, and the country’s first black captain.
“He therefore sends you, meeter for your spirit, / This tun of treasure.”
Of a box of tennis balls, in William Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’.
Country in the Horn of Africa, north of Ethiopia, with a long coastline on the Red Sea, liberated by Britain from Mussolini’s Italy in 1941.
Plaintive cry of a horse.
Tease; bone.

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