Quickword No. 5 : Do you know ‘move in a zig-zag fashion’ (4), and ‘a 1711 opera by Handel’ (7)?
Quickword No. 5
Area of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria supposedly named after the son of the Greek god Ares.
Sailor’s ‘yes’.
English-Danish monarch who purposely demonstrated that the powers of a king are limited, by failing to hold back the tide.
Small recess.
Tease; baby goat.
Capable of death.
Move forward in a zig-zag fashion.
Opera by Handel (1711), the last Italian-language opera written for the London stage.
Small sailing vessel with a single mast right in the bow.
Assess visually.
A long beam at the bottom of a boat, that gives the whole structure strength and balance.
Train; purpose.

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A cat on a boat in Vernazza, Italy.

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