The Lessons of Nature
Samuel Smiles shows us two great achievements inspired by two tiny creatures.
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The Lessons of Nature

From ‘Self-Help, with illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance’ by Samuel Smiles (1812-1904).

Scottish motivational writer Samuel Smiles is talking about the importance of noticing what we see, and gives two notable examples of a time when Nature has been mankind’s teacher.

WHILE Captain (afterwards Sir Samuel) Brown was occupied in studying the construction of bridges, with the view of contriving one of a cheap description to be thrown across the Tweed, near which he lived, he was walking in his garden one dewy autumn morning, when he saw a tiny spider’s net suspended across his path.

The idea immediately occurred to him, that a bridge of iron ropes or chains might be constructed in like manner, and the result was the invention of his Suspension Bridge.*

Sir Isambard Brunel took his first lessons in forming the Thames Tunnel from the tiny shipworm.*

He saw how the little creature perforated the wood with its well-armed head, first in one direction and then in another, till the archway was complete, and then daubed over the roof and sides with a kind of varnish; and by copying this work exactly on a large scale, Brunel was at length enabled to construct his shield and accomplish his great engineering work.

* The Union Bridge, the first vehicular suspension bridge in Britain, crossing the River Tweed from Horncliffe, Northumberland, England to Fishwick, Berwickshire, Scotland. Opened in 1820, it was the longest wrought-iron bridge of its kind in the world, at 449ft.

** Connecting Rotherhithe and Wapping at a depth of 75 feet, and 1,300 feet long. It was the world’s first tunnel beneath a navigable river. Note that this is Sir Marc Isambard Brunel, father of the more famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel. (Smiles called Brunel ‘Isambert’; ‘Isambard’ is the more usual spelling, and has been used here instead.)

From ‘Self-Help, with illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance’ by Samuel Smiles (1812-1904).

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Looking south towards England from Berwickshire in Scotland, with Captain Samuel Brown’s Union Suspension Bridge (1820) stretching across the River Tweed. The design was inspired by Brown’s admiration for a spider’s web.
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By Samuel Smiles
By Samuel Smiles

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