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Spinner : Create your own sentences using one or more of the three words given.

Invent your own sentences showing how these words are used in English. Can you make up a sentence using all three of the words?

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A lady in traditional dress used her spinning wheel outside an old, thatched, crofter’s cottage (now a heritage centre) on the island of Ulva, one of the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.

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Letters Game

Make words from two or more of the tiles below. What is the highest-scoring word you can make?

Press enter or type a space to see feedback on your word.

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Numbers Game

Make the total shown using two or more of the numbers underneath it. You can add, subtract, divide and multiply. Use any number once only.

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Selected Stories
In the time of King George III, Parliament forgot that its job was not to regulate the people, but to represent them.
King Saul’s jealousies drove those who loved him away, but David was a very different kind of leader.
Ralph Neville spoiled David of Scotland’s alliance with France in the Hundred Years’ War
By Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens rails at the way Parliament and do-gooders treat the public like an irresponsible child.
Today, the slave trade is a £150bn global business. Back in the late 18th century, it was making a lot of influential people very rich too, but some in England were determined to stop it.
British expats in Valparaíso kicked off the Chilean passion for soccer.