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St Dwynwen : St Dwynwen was a 5th century princess regarded by some as Wales’s answer to St Valentine.
St Dwynwen

St Dwynwen was 5th century royalty from the County of Brecon in Wales, who by thinking of others rather than herself won the grace of interceding for star-crossed lovers. Her feast day is January 25.

DWYNWEN, daughter of Brychan, king of Brecon, fell in love with Maelon, a man of royal blood. Some say that Brychan had other plans for her, and forbade their marriage; others say that Maelon forced himself on her, and broke her heart. Dwynwen prayed to forget him.

One night, as she slept, an angel seemed to bring a drink to her, and to her lover. As she sipped, desire for Maelon left her; but as Maelon drank, it was as if he turned to ice.

The angel then asked Dwynwen to name three favours he might do for her.

Dwynwen asked straightaway that Maelon be restored to warmth and vigour; then, that lovers who sought her help would either find their desire, or be cured of it; and finally, that she should be the bride of Christ, and never regret her choice.

Then Dwynwen woke, and shortly after became a hermit on Llanddwyn Island, near Anglesey, where she reposed in peace in about 465.

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A sandy beach on the west side of Llanddwyn Island, a tidal island at the southern tip of Anglesey off the west coast of Wales. Little here is different from when St Dwynwen came down to the sea to pray.

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