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Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours (1) : Joseph’s brothers decide they have had enough of their rival in their father’s affections.
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours
Part one

Based on Genesis 37.

The story of Joseph’s remarkable rise to power in Egypt began very unpromisingly, when his brothers tired of listening to his dreams of future glory.

JOSEPH was the favourite among the twelve sons of Jacob, and the others resented it.

They resented the coat of many colours which Jacob had given him, and above all they resented Joseph’s recurrent dreams in which they bowed low before him.

Some of his brothers wanted to murder Joseph, and tell Jacob that his favourite had been savaged by wild animals, but Reuben, hoping to smuggle Joseph safely home later, persuaded them to be content with stripping Joseph of his coat of many colours, and bundling him into a dry pit. However, when Reuben crept back to the pit to rescue his brother, he found him gone. Judah and the rest had sold him to a passing camel-train of merchants bound for Egypt, for a handful of silver.

The brothers now fell back on their original plan, smearing goat’s blood on that wretched coat, and telling the heartbroken Jacob that they rather thought Joseph had been killed by some wild animal.

Based on Genesis 37.

The Story of Joseph

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“A company of Ishmeelites came from Gilead with their camels bearing spicery and balm and myrrh, going to carry it down to Egypt.” This camel convoy, however, is in Ethiopia, in the Danakil desert on the Red Sea.

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