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The Jealousy of Trade
Music: Charles Avison
David Hume encourages politicians to put away their distrust of other countries, and allow free trade to flourish.

NOTHING is more usual, among states which have made some advances in commerce, than to look on the progress of their neighbours with a suspicious eye, to consider all trading states as their rivals, and to suppose that it is impossible for any of them to flourish, but at their expense.

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Word Play

Adapted from textbooks used in Grammar Schools and Secondary Moderns from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Distinguish using sentences: Suspect. Suspicious.

Use as a noun and also as a verb: Advance. Eye. Make.

Use together in one sentence: Manufacture. Flourish. Common.

More games: Précis. Sevens. Jigsaw. Confusables. Spinner. Opposites. Verb or Noun? Active or Passive? Subject and Object. Adjectives. Word Classes.

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