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2 two-part story
Jean-Baptiste Krumpholz
Miscellaneous Myths
A prince falls for a dazzling dance-partner who teasingly vanishes at midnight.

ONCE upon a time, a widowed nobleman remarried so that his only daughter might have a mother and the company of sisters. But they sent her away to sweep out the ash from the fireplaces, and dubbed her ‘Cinderella’, maid-of-ashes.

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No. 1
Franz Liszt
Miscellaneous Myths
William Tell
A classic tale from Switzerland of overbearing authority and a father with a very steady hand.

GOVERNOR Gessler had the bright idea of putting his hat on a pole in the prosperous town of Altdorf, and ordering every passer-by to bow respectfully before it.

After William Tell and his son walked by the hat without so much as a nod, Gessler’s men arrested them and brought them before the Governor.

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No. 2
Polywords (183)
Make as many words as you can from the letters of a nine-letter word.
Latest: Weir
Added on Sunday January 14th, 2018
Doublets (34)
Turn one word into another, changing just one letter each time.
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Quickwords (46)
A mini-crossword of everyday vocabulary and general knowledge.
Triplets (23)
Find one common letter that will turn three words into three new ones.
Latest: Triplet No. 23
Guess these words letter by letter – before the cats are gone!
See how ingenious you can be in combining three randomly chosen words in one sentence.
Compose sentences showing the difference in meaning, grammar or usage between these words.
Practise your basic arithmetic, from multiplation tables to percentages.
Latest: Target Number
Take command of English grammar and composition with these traditional exercises.
Latest: Letters Game
A word search game with a dash of strategy.
Today in the Church
January 6 ‘English Style’ ?
The Feast of the Theophany of Jesus Christ
From our Archive
The King who condemned him to the den of lions felt far worse about it than Daniel did.
Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
An excited English gentleman hires a ship for a treasure-hunt, but doesn’t check his crew’s credentials.
When Parliament overthrew the capricious tyranny of Charles I, it discovered an uncomfortable truth about power.
Sometimes it is right to ‘turn a blind eye’.
The seventh-century Bishop of London helped kings and clergy to shine Christian light into the darkness of mere religion.

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Polyword ‘Lace’
Make as many words as you can with the letters below. All your words must be at least four letters long, and must also include the highlighted letter. What’s the nine-letter word?

SEE how many words you can make using the letters below. All your words must be at least 4 letters long, and must include the letter (change).

We found commonly used words, plus one 9-letter word. Can you do better?

Use each letter only once. But if there are e.g. two As, you can used them both.

Don’t count proper nouns such as April, Zeus, or Newcastle (pretty much anything that has to be spelled with a capital letter at the start), or acronyms like HMRC.

Don’t just add -S for plurals or third person singular verbs, e.g. CAT → CATS or SPEAK → SPEAKS.

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A word search game with a dash of strategy.
Guess these words letter by letter – before the cats are gone!
Do you know ‘conscientious’ (7 letters), and ‘unreturned serve’ (3 letters)?
Changing one letter at a time, see if you can start with FAST and finish with SLOW.
Find the magic letter that can change three words into three different ones.