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Put in a Good Word
For each of these things, select the most apposite word of praise.

Q. Suggest praising adjectives (like ‘nice’ or ‘good’, only a bit more imaginative) that can be used with at least one, but not all, of these words.

* For a variation, try using negative adjectives, like ‘awful’.

Macmillan Dictionary

Discussion. Drama. Statement. Coat. Phrase. Goal. Dinner. Map. Dinner. Doctor. Solution. Duty. Summary. Punch. Jacket. Income. Description. Desk. Penknife. Pizza. Company. Photo. Job. Towel. Look. Audience. Shoe. Bank. Sandwich. Weight. Cat. Apple. School. Light. Parent. Kitchen. Pear. Play. Topic. Piano. Game. Car. Safe. Essay. Author. League. Temperature. Team. Sign. Serve. Song. Smell. Pride. Visit. Example. Tea. Dance. Sound. Weather. Attempt. Dish. Clothes. Diamond. Climate. Reception. Colour. Currency. Proof. Tale. Boss. Poem. Hair. Investigation. Cake. Signal. Film. Holiday. Music. Tax. Eye. Day. Scene. Diet. Chocolate. Conversation. Promise. Traffic. Orange. Patient. Coffee. Rain. Signature. Smile. Picture. Teacher. Speech. Weekend. Baby. Actor. Wine. Village. Price. Word. Suggestion. Chance. Sweet. Gift. Biscuit. Dealer. Recipe. Advice. Garden. Dog. Economy. Marriage. Town. Professional. Witness. Risk. Watch. Voice. College. Fire. Schedule. Driver. Laugh. Surprise. Career. Song. Community. Lesson. Ticket. Face. Potato. Notice. Letter. Memory. View. Flower. Seat. Welcome. Nurse. Suit. Egg. Personality. Feeling. Answer. Flat. Medicine. Novel. Beer. Shop. Tackle. Tune. Concert. Bus. Milk.
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