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Make opposites from these words using prefixes, like lucky → unlucky.

Q. Add negative prefixes to these words (e.g. lucky → unlucky).

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Expensive. Grateful. Important. Suitable. Colour. Deserved. Able. Harmony. Constant. Pure. True. Deceive. Attentive. Include. Satisfied. Perfect. Generous. Discreet. Arrange. Defeated. Possible. Fortunate. Defensible. Believe. Necessary. Fasten. Happy. Popular. Faithful. Usual. Comfort. Limited. Agree. Normal. Loyal. Persuade. Written. Encourage. Exact. Trust. Easy. Spell. Worthy. Unity. Sufficient. Honour. Pleasant. Ascend. Clear. Regard. Allow. Refined. Pleased. Kind. Cover. Gratitude. Capable. Successful. Comfortable. Prove. Contented. Understand. Lovely. Increase. Damaged. Appealing. Material. Significant. Appear. Content. Original. Continue. Active.

The title of this exercise, ‘Undishcovery’, is taken from The White Queen’s Riddle by Lewis Carroll.

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Suggest opposites for these words, and illustrate them with example sentences.

Q. Suggest words and phrases that are opposite in meaning to each of the words below (e.g. happy→unhappy, sad, down in the mouth etc.), and illustrate each opposite with a sentence.

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Original. Build. Go. Reject. Enormous. Find. Wealth. Division. Restless. Hit. Final. Later. Serve. Credit. Lavish. Clumsy. Begin. Possible. Quiet. Stand. Depth. Teach. Forget. Dark. Hatred. Reward. Shallow. Earlier. Abundant. Comfortable. Towards. Blow. Question. Pleased. Upper. Come. Loyal. Damaged. Coarse. Right. Annoy. Nimble. End. Notice. Discreet. Unity. Fine. Height. Successful. Advance. After. Wild. Believe. Enable. Sufficient. Hinder. Problem. Desperate. Worthy. Learn. Hero. Honour. Love. Destination. First. Over. Victory. Lavish. Few. Joy. Silent. Able. Fasten. Full. Appoint. Necessary. Run. Teacher. Trust. Except. Female. Popular. Insubordination. Hard. Useful. Harsh. Sour. Delicious. Abstract. Enough. Bring. Promptly. Accuse. Gratitude. Lovely. Night. Late. Sharp. Infamous. Encourage. Deceive. Expensive. Normal. Worst. Important. Secret. Whole. Short. Brief. Blind. Spell. Material. Sly. Harsh. Early. Large. Splendid. Ugly. Conceal. Distinguished. Grateful. Deep. Exact. Sink. Excited. Noisy. Constant. Capable. Wide. Bind. Achieve. Perfect. Guilty. Work. Appealing. Colour. Limited. Rise. Mean. Deserved. Mend. Fortunate. Appear. Allow. Ascend. Meet. Easy. Agree. Slow. Increase. Progress. Defensible. Give. Recommend. Thorough. Doubt. Close. Best. Clear. Enemy. Cover. Temporary. Consent. Expose. Nothing. Comfort. Refined. Empty. Sober. Dissuade. Prevent. Pleasant. Fresh. Fierce. Esteem. Ancient. True. Happy. Catch. Tiny. Better. Swift. Praise. Confidence. Delight. Private. Unite. Include. Most. Pure. Content. Last. Omit. Active. Eventually. Assist. Induce. Yield. Behind. Suitable. Mysterious. Winner. Know. Tactful. Defeated. Overlook. Poor. Faithful. Frank. Shut. Harmony. Pull. Remember. Cramped. Tighten. Kind. Cheer. Generous. Famous. Attack. Prove. Continue. Defence. Persuade. Dry. With. Weak. Difficult. Usual. Divide. Mischief. Courage. Understand. Regard. Next. Refuse. Triumph. Surrender. Significant. Light. Tame. Doubtful. Sour. Disappointed. Attentive. Great. Contented. Approximate. Neglect. Create. Wet. Arrange. Spendthrift. High. Satisfied. Already. Succeed. Odd. National. Written. Simple. Soft. Keep. Painful. Insult.
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