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Find prepositions to follow each of these words.

Q. Use each word below in sentences to show that it can be followed by one or more prepositions. Click any word to see some suggested prepositions.

Macmillan Dictionary

Prepositions include words such as: in, to, from, for, beyond, over, under, with.

We use prepositions when we want to join a noun to rest of a sentence. For example,

• Colonel Mustard murdered Miss Scarlet.
• Colonel Mustard murdered Miss Scarlet in the Library.
• Colonel Mustard murdered Miss Scarlet in the Library, with the candlestick.

A preposition is always followed by a noun or something similar, such as a pronoun (e.g. them, it, everything).

For more on Prepositions, see our Grammar Glossary.

Desist. Beg. Entrust. Parallel. Readiness. Beware. Consist. Omit. Slow. Immune. Key. Use. Different. Exempt. Partake. Hardened. Avail. Contemporary. Trespass. Take umbrage. Initiate. Derive. Exult. Apologize. Impervious. Reconciled. Participate. Amused. Prevail. Accountable. Accede. Careless. Submit. Obliged. Deal. Appeal. Averse. Prepare. Analogous. Compete. Agree. Disgusted. Succeed. Connive. Concur. Impatient. Compensate. Content onself. Careful. Abide. Arrival. Coincide. Comply. Suitable. Answerable. Preoccupied. Prone. Propensity. Warn. Alien. Indifferent. Labour. Affinity. Familiar. Contribution. Simultaneously. Commiserate. Indignant. Collaborate. Secure. Compatible. Adapted. Enter. Precedence. Abstain. Compare. Exception. Concerned. Grateful. Interspersed. Intrude. Gratitude. Inveigle. Claim. Angry. Detract. Condicive. Deter. Chary. Introduced. Anxious. Authority. Glance. Lean. Perish. Differ. Amenable. Popular. Talk. Negligent. Take issue. Engaged. Offended. Responsible.

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