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Quickword No. 18
Do you know ‘entertainer’ (7 letters), and ‘distant’ (3 letters)?
Container for e.g. margarine; a bath.
Small hat.
Wintry rain.
Take seriously.
Edible inner organs of a chicken, turkey etc..
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Quickword No. 43
Do you know ‘princes and princesses, kings and queens’ (7 letters), and ‘jump up and down on one foot’ (3 letters)?

“If I dared, I’d touch you, to see if you are substance or shadow, you elf!”

Edward Rochester, in ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë.

Seaside town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, claimed by some Victorians to be the ‘Sinus Portuosus’ (bay of many harbours) mentioned by Ptolemy in his ‘Geographica’ of c. 150.
the Heir”, 1871 novel by Anthony Trollope.
In cricket, no longer batting.
“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.” Matthew 6:20
Threadlike part of a climbing plant such as vines, clematis or sweet peas, for twining around a support (see main picture).

“His ball would twist from the off stump into the leg.”

John Nyren, writing of a cricketer for Hambledon from 1777 and 1781 known only as Lambourn, credited with inventing under-arm spin of this kind.

E.g. olive, walnut or sunflower.
Princes and princesses, kings and queens; author’s payment.

“The young imp cannot be found,” said Dr. Trevelyan; “the maid and the cook have just been searching for him.”

From ‘The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Myrna Loy, American actress who starred opposite Cary Grant in “Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House” (1948).
Jump forward or up and down on one foot.
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Quickword No. 42
Do you know ‘overbalance’ (6 letters), and ‘veteran’ (3,4 letters)?
Line behind which darts players must stand to throw.
Fall lightly asleep.
I, ‘the Great’, member of the Herod family who ruled Judaea 41 to 44, and who executed St James, brother of St John the Evangelist. See The Martyrdom of St James the Great.
“Only tip him a nod every now and then when he looks off his paper,” said Wemmick, “and he’ll be as happy as a king.” From ‘Great Expectations’, by Charles Dickens.
River rising in Wales, and flowing through Ludlow in Shropshire before entering the Severn south of Worcester.
Veteran, someone with a great deal of experience acquired over a long time.
“We will, in France, by God’s grace, play a set / Shall strike his father’s crown into the hazard.” From ‘Henry V’, by William Shakespeare.
Blow up.
Overbalance, or cause to do so; overthrow.
Provided that.
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Quickword No. 41
Do you know ‘outrage, public disgrace’ (7 letters), and ‘King David of Israel’s third wife’ (7 letters)?
Outrage, public disgrace.
A stiff hair, e.g. on a brush; show angry resentment.
One who expects no more than is likely.
Claims, asserts (especially in regard to a crime, but without proof).
Vast region of Russia covering more than 5 million square miles, stretching from the Ural Mountains to the border with China to the south east, and touching the Arctic Ocean in the north.
Third wife of King David of Israel.
“Only a few narcissi here and there / Stand separate in sweet austerity, / Dotting the unmown grass with silver stars.” (Oscar Wilde, ‘Charmides’)
Father of Odysseus in Greek mythology; in ‘Hamlet’, son of Polonius and brother of Ophelia, who kills Hamlet in a duel.
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Quickword No. 40
Do you know ‘popular Asian chilled fruit drink’ (7 letters), and ‘bear witness’ (6 letters)?
Sweet drink of Ottoman Turkey, Persia and India, prepared from fruits, spices or flower petals, usually served chilled.
Domesticated animal kept as a companion.
Daughter of King Minos Crete, who helped Theseus slay the Minotaur by providing a thread to guide him back out of the Labyrinth.
Greek island in the Aegean, among the Cyclades group, and the supposed burial place of the great poet Homer.
John Stewart, Earl of Carrick, who reigned as King Robert III of Scotland from 1390 to his death in 1406.
‘And if thou seest a man of understanding, get thee betimes unto him, and let thy foot wear the steps of his door.’

Ecclesiasticus 6:36.
Old Testament prophet, a servant of King Ahab of Israel, who hid a hundred prophets from the persecution of Jezebel. See 1 Kings 18:3-4.
Bear witness.
Scattered, thinly distributed.
“Miss Bennet,” replied her ladyship, in an angry tone, “you ought to know, that I am not to be trifled with.”

Jane Austen, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (1811).
And not.
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Quickword No. 39
Do you know ‘street lined with tall buildings or trees’ (6 letters), and ‘shed’ (3 letters)?
“Who is Sylvia? What is she, That all our swains commend her?”
(From ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’, by William Shakespeare).
Suitable, fitting.
Street or country road lined with tall buildings or trees.
Your brother’s or sister’s son.
Leaping fish.
E.g. Caspian, Black or White.
River of Dorset, Somerset and Devon that flows through Beaminster, and enters the English Channel in Lyme Bay.
Claude Nau, Parisian lawyer who acted as secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots, from 1575 to 1586, during her imprisonment in England.
Speke Hall near Liverpool, a Tudor manor house dating back to 1530, now open to the public. See a picture.
The second planet from the sun, and the second brightest object in the night sky after the moon.
A small amount of brandy.
Eta Carinae, some 7,500 light-years from earth, whose primary star is 90 times bigger and 5 million times brighter than our sun. See NASA
Stitched edges of a garment.
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