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Swept off her Feet
Music: Muzio Clementi
Marianne Dashwood sprains an ankle, but help is at hand.

A GENTLEMAN carrying a gun, with two pointers playing round him, was passing up the hill and within a few yards of Marianne, when her accident happened. He put down his gun and ran to her assistance. She had raised herself from the ground, but her foot had been twisted in her fall, and she was scarcely able to stand. The gentleman offered his services; and passing through the garden, the gate of which had been left open by Margaret, he bore her directly into the house.

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Grammar and Composition

Distinguish using sentences: Threw. Through.

Use as a noun and also as a verb: Influence. Offer. Twist.

Use together in one sentence: Round. Give. Act.

More games: Précis. Sevens. Jigsaw. Confusables. Spinner. Opposites. Verb or Noun? Active or Passive? Subject and Object. Adjectives. Word Classes.

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