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The Pitman Poet
Music: Charles Villiers Stanford
Joseph Skipsey taught himself to read and write by candlelight, hundreds of feet below ground in a Northumberland pit.

AT the age of seven, Joseph Skipsey started work in his hometown colliery at Percy Main in Northumberland. He worked six to twelve hours a day – in winter, he saw the sun only on a Sunday — operating the trapdoor through which the wagons passed, and his education was limited to the alphabet.

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Grammar and Composition

Distinguish using sentences: Taut. Taught.

Use as a noun and also as a verb: Pass. See. Sun.

Use together in one sentence: Poem. Hometown. Add.

More games: Précis. Sevens. Jigsaw. Confusables. Spinner. Opposites. Verb or Noun? Active or Passive? Subject and Object. Adjectives. Word Classes.

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