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ON this website, we use two calendars, a Church Calendar for saints’ days and feasts such as Christmas and Easter, and a Civil Calendar for the anniversaries of births, battles and other historical events.

Our Civil Calendar

OUR Civil Calendar is the everyday, worldwide civil calendar officially used in Britain since 1752. It is called the Gregorian Calendar after Pope Gregory XIII, Bishop of Rome, who introduced it into the Roman Catholic Church in 1582. It is often called New Style (NS).

Today is (NS) on the Civil Calendar

Our Church Calendar

OUR Church Calendar is the Julian Calendar, Britain’s civil and ecclesiastical calendar until 1752. It is named after Julius Caesar, who introduced it into the Roman Republic in 45 BC, and it was brought here by the Romans in the 1st century AD. It is often called Old Style (OS). See The Calendar ‘English Style’ for more information.

Today is (OS) on the Church Calendar

The Date of Easter (Orthodox)

For a table showing the date of Easter as kept on this website, see Orthodox Easter.

Orthodox Easter
Picture: By Peter Trimming, Geograph. Licence: CC-BY-SA 2.0. View original
Yew Tree Farm cottage near Coniston Lake in Cumbria. Beatrix Potter lived here in the 1930s.

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Selected Stories
By John Stuart Mill
J. S. Mill argues that free trade has done more to put an end to war than any political union or military alliance.
By Alfred, Lord Tennyson
For Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Christmas was a time to let the dead past bury its dead.
Based on an account by Charlotte Yonge
Young Montague Bertie, Lord Willougby, tended his dying father behind enemy lines.
Based on an account by Saint Bede of Jarrow
Cuthbert trusted that keeping his promised fast would not do him any harm.
By Samuel Smiles
Great inventions come from those who notice what they see.
The Jay Treaty can be seen as the start of the ‘special relationship’ between Britain and America.
By Fulke Greville, Baron Brooke
Elizabethan courtier and soldier Sir Philip Sidney shows that a nobleman can also be a gentleman.
By Samuel Smiles
To do one’s duty is to peep into the mystery of life, and taste reward from another world.
Thomas Lewis was rescued from slavery with only minutes to spare.
By Sir John Seeley
Sir John Seeley urged us to cherish our close ties to India and other nations beyond Europe.

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