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Some Prayers of St Bede
Some Prayers of St Bede : A small selection of prayers by the 8th century Northumbrian monk.

Of Christ

CHRIST is that Morning Star which, when the night of this age shall be past, promiseth unto his saints the light of life, and openeth everlasting day.

After Reading the Scriptures

AND I pray thee, merciful Jesus, that as Thou hast graciously granted me sweet draughts from the Word which tells of Thee, so wilt Thou, of Thy goodness, grant that I may come at length to Thee, the fount of all wisdom, and stand before Thy face for ever.

For Guidance

ALMIGHTY God, open thou my heart, and enlighten me with the grace of the Holy Spirit, to see those things which are well-pleasing to thy will. Direct my thoughts and senses to those things which it is proper to meditate upon, and to take in hand, in such fashion as by fitting character and deeds, I might be found worthy of the eternal joy on heavenly life. Direct my acts to thy commandments, that I might by labour so unbrokenly study to bring them to fulfilment, as to attain to an everlasting reward.

For Faith, Hope, and Charity

O COME to me, my only hope, O Lord my God. Come to me, true light, Father, almighty God. Come, light from light, both word and Son of God, God almighty. Come Holy Spirit, happy union of Father and Son, God almighty. Come one almighty God, Father and Son and holy Spirit.

Teach faith, stir up hope, pour out love. The will is present with me (yet not from me, but from thee) to quit the world and the earth, and to seek the heavens. But this will is a feeble feather without thy help. Give wings of faith, that I might fly on high to thee.

For Repentance

ASSIST our ransomed hearts, Christ, our High Charity, pour warm tears, we beg, upon our voices. Unto thee we pour forth our prayers in faith, most pious Jesus. Set us free, O Christ, we beg, from the deeds of evil that we have done. By the mark of the holy cross on thy hallowed body, guard us everywhere like sons all, we ask thee.

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The tomb of St Bede of Jarrow, in the Galilee Chapel of Durham Cathedral. Bede was born in 672 or 673 on lands granted to the newly-founded monastery of St Peter as Wearmouth (modern-day Sunderland) by King Oswy of Northumbria, and schooled there under the Abbot, St Benedict Biscop, and then at the sister monastery of St Paul at Jarrow. He subsequently became a monk, a choirmaster, and a priest, and in part thanks to St Benedict’s painstakingly assembled library, also one of Europe’s most learned men, a scientist, a poet, a musician, and a historian. As much as any warrior or king, it was Bede’s ground-breaking ‘History of the English Church and People’ – the first history of England, and arguably the first modern history book – that moulded the mini-kingdoms of England into one Christian nation. See our biography St Bede of Wearmouth and Jarrow, and posts tagged Saint Bede of Jarrow (20).

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